England Reach New Low Following Early Euro 2016 Exit


The media has not been kind to the English National Football Team following their second round exit from the European Championships after their shock 2-1 defeat to Iceland, a country roughly the population of the city of Leicester in England’s Leicestershire County. Criticism of former manager Roy Hodgson’s team selections and tactics have been abundant, questioning of each player’s desire and passion to play for their country have been plentiful, and various off-field incidents by players and fans have marred what many originally believed would be England’s best chance at achieving some football glory after many years of unfulfilled hype and potential. On paper, the team look like world beaters. However, when it came to playing the game on the field, shocking tactical and player selections by Hodgson, a lack of passion and drive from the players, and just pure bad luck at times all combined to give England, arguably, their worst result in a major tournament since 1950 when the team lost 1-0 in the group stages of the World Cup to a United States team made up completely of amateurs and part-time professionals, eventually crashing out with a 1-0-2 record, despite initially being dubbed “The Kings of Football”. While memes of “England exiting Europe twice in one week” and rants high and low have since flooded social media, the team’s performance can be best summarized by talkSPORT’s radio presenter, Mark Sagger, who did not pull any punches when discussing the team’s performance post-match. Have a listen:

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